Derange Da Messiah aka ThaHookPreceptor is the CEO of Cash Me Out Records. Co-owner of Iced Out Records and High Risk Entertainment. Derange was born Blytheville, Arkansas and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He has been rapping since the age of 14 years old. He has opened up for Corey Gunz of Young Money Cash Money on his Get Money Stop Hatin Tour) and opened up for the famous boxer Roy Jones Jr label; Body Head Banger Ent. 
Derange has 7 solo albums out ( Figure Of Speech, I’m On 10, Fire In My Eyes, I’m Not Mean, I’m Just Real, Portrait of A Souljah and Derange Is Comin) and Make Me An Offer I Cant Refuse plus Crazy World remix single Featuring Spice 1.  2 group projects(The Family Affair, Hyena Squad, The ultimate Hustlahs) in all digital stores. Also Derange is on multiple mixtapes Young Money Unsigned Hype Vol.17 on Dj’ Young Cee Vol.56 Fight Night on Spinrilla. Also State of Emergency on Spinrilla to name a few. 
Derange has been independent for some years now. He has a high drive and passion for music. He is a work-a-holic when it comes to the music industry. Derange has has a trade in business Education which he acquired during his incarceration sentence. 
You can follow Derange Da Messiah at the following: 
Instagram: @517Derange 
Facebook: Derange Da Messiah 
Youtube: Derange DA Messiah 
Soundcloud:Derange DA Messiah 
Twitter: Kenqua Derange Smith 
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